Classification of Persian Kiwi Fruit Based on Quality in the Export Sector

Iran is the fourth largest producer of kiwi fruit in the world, which is produced in the northern regions of Iran. Due to special production conditions and lack of growth conditions in most countries in the region, this export product is very popular in neighboring countries. The classification of Persian kiwi fruit is based on quality, and in the meantime, a variety of quality products are used for export. The wholesale market of Persian kiwi is in high demand and is usually stored in the cold storage after harvest until the right time to sell.

Classification of Persian Kiwi Fruit Based on Quality in the Export Sector

What is the Difference Between Delicious Red Persian Kiwi and Other Kiwis?

What is the Difference Between Delicious Red Persian Kiwi and Other Kiwis? Kiwi is a delicious and rich fruit that has different types. In this article, we are going to talk about delicious Persian kiwi. In general, kiwi can be turned into seedlings and cuttings after about a week of growth. This method is one of the most common methods of planting kiwi seedlings in the world.

The main difference between delicious Iranian kiwi is its red color and its sweet and soft taste. This type of kiwi, unlike other kiwis, does not taste sour and does not have a green color. This type of kiwi is smaller than other kiwi species and has a very thin skin. Delicious red kiwi is high in fiber and high in protein. The significant difference between red kiwi and yellow and green kiwi is the amount of calories in it. This kiwi has much less calories than other types of kiwi.

One of the concerns of consumers of this type of fruit is its genetic modification due to its red color, and in response, it should be said that this fruit has not been genetically modified in connection with it, and this type of kiwi is one of the rare and unique species of this It is a fruit. The fruit of this kiwi is oval in size like a small egg and its skin is not as thick as other kiwis, but it has a brown skin and is very thin.

Different Types of Persian Kiwi Fruits and Their Application

Different Types of Persian Kiwi Fruits and Their Application As mentioned above, Persian kiwis are different and each of them has different characteristics and uses. In the following, you will become more familiar with the types of different Persian kiwis and their uses.

Kiwi Hayward: Hayward kiwi is one of the most popular varieties of kiwi that has a long life. Hayward kiwi fruit has a fluffy brown coating that is very sweet when ripe. Harvesting of Hayward kiwi fruit mainly begins in June and July and continues until winter. This fruit is mostly used for export.

Green Kiwi: The most available type of kiwi is the green kiwi, which is most used for entertaining guests. This fruit has more nutritional benefits than any other fruit and is also rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium. Green kiwi is juicy and sweet, and like other types of kiwi, it has hairy brown skin. You can eat all parts of kiwi, even its skin, because it is rich in minerals and nutrients.

Yellow kiwi or golden kiwi: is another popular type of kiwi that is most used in exports. This type of kiwi has a sweeter taste than green kiwi and is relatively smaller. The outer skin of the yellow kiwi is thin and has fewer hairs. This fruit is grown in the tropics and is more resistant to cold than other fruits.

Quality Persian Kiwi Wholesale Prices

Quality Persian Kiwi Wholesale Prices The wholesale price of quality Iranian kiwis depends entirely on currency fluctuations and product quality. Given that more than 80% of the kiwis produced in the country are considered for export, the dollar price is considered as a major factor in the price of exported kiwis. Packaging is also one of the important factors in the pricing of kiwifruit for export. In general, kiwifruit is exported to foreign countries in carton and plastic packaging. The higher the packaging quality, or in other words, the stronger the fruits. They will not be crushed and will maintain their quality, in which case the price of exported kiwi will be higher. Due to all this, the price of exported kiwi can not be stated accurately and consistently, and the best way to know the kiwi prices is to contact our sales experts.

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