Direct Sale of Red Delicious Apple Without Intermediaries

The best and best red delicious apples are produced in Iran at a considerable level. They belong to several different cities that are very famous in the country and the region. Every year after the harvest, the wholesale market of red apples reaches its maximum, and many buyers and exporters in the field of this product are collecting and packing the export product for sale or sending to other countries is one of the many markets. Important for selling Iranian red apples are the countries bordering the Persian Gulf and Russia.

Direct Sale of Red Delicious Apple Without Intermediaries

Where are the Best Braeburn Apples Packaging Companies?

      Where are the Best Braeburn Apples Packaging Companies? Apples as a very useful fruit are one of the most important pillars of the food basket around the world. Iran’s climatic conditions, especially in the northwest and especially in the province of West Azerbaijan, have provided mass production and the possibility of exporting apples to other countries of the world from Iran. And these conditions have made apple packaging more colorful and important than many other fruits. Apart from the above conditions, apple packaging has other conditions that have increased the importance of this fruit. In addition to exporting apples to other countries of the world, the domestic fruit market is also full of colored apples that are produced, transported and supplied in the country. Fruit packaging is of special importance in its production, distribution and export. Red apple Compared to other fruits, it has a lower depreciation rate. However, all fruits are destroyed faster than other food items and lose their appearance quality. The best apple packaging is dicati boxes. Which have a very high quality for storing, packing and packing fruit. These boxes have the ability to absorb moisture from apples and prevent them from plasticizing. These boxes are designed in such a way that the possibility of pressure on the apples in their place is minimized and to a large extent neutralizes the possibility of moisture penetration into the inner layers.

Recipe for Fresh Red Deliciious Apple Syrup

Recipe for Fresh Red Deliciious Apple Syrup “Apple syrup” is very strong and has many properties for the body, so be sure to prepare this delicious and special syrup and enjoy its taste. How to prepare fresh apple syrup: Step 1: First, pour two cups of water into a mold and place it on a flame with gentle heat and let it boil, then add 2 cups of sugar and mix well. Step 2: Then, when it thickens a bit, add two glasses of apple juice and mix, then add fresh lemon juice, cinnamon stick, rose and cloves and stir until well combined. Step 3: Then reduce the heat until the syrup thickens slowly and for half an hour, and after half an hour, turn off the flame and let it cool. Step 4: Finally, pass the syrup through a strainer and keep it in the refrigerator. When consuming, pour some of it into a glass and pour the rest into cold water and drink.

International Sellers of Organic Red Delicious Apple

International Sellers of Organic Red Delicious Apple Buying and selling red apples in fruit markets is among the highest colors of other apples because the quality of this type of apple is higher than all types of apples and is due to the color red. Of course, all apples Red apples have the most beneficial properties for the body. Red apples are usually used in the export of this fruit, which has many reasons. One of these reasons is that the storage time of red apples is longer than apples. It can even be mentioned that the resistance of red apple in the face of atmospheric factors is the highest. Sellers of red apple use the best products in exporting this fruit from Iran to other countries of the world. That is, the product to be exported to other countries must have very high quality and be customer-friendly. Also, in exporting apples, the products are closed. They sell to be suitable for sale. The sale of red apple trees in this field, as it has been said, is the highest of all.

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