Fresh Sweet Kiwi Fruit Distributors

Kiwis are delicious fruits that are harvested in the fall. This fruit has two different flavors. This fruit is sold in two flavors, sweet and sour. Iran is one of the producers and exporters of sour and sweet kiwi. Sour kiwi has other benefits as well. The distributor of this product is trying to deliver high quality and fresh dried kiwi to dear customers. Dear buyers, you can easily prepare and buy sweet dried kiwi from its distributor.

Fresh Sweet Kiwi Fruit Distributors

What is the Difference Between Sweet Kiwi and Other Kiwis?

What is the Difference Between Sweet Kiwi and Other Kiwis? In appearance, there is a relatively significant difference between sweet kiwi and other kiwis. Sweet kiwi has a fluffy and oval skin. Unlike other kiwis, their skin is smooth and hairless and its skin color is golden brown. Halving this fruit introduces us to more differences. As expected, kiwi has a tender flesh with black seeds. The flesh of the squirrels is light yellow with smaller grains. Sweet kiwi has a milder and sweeter taste than other kiwis due to its high fructose content.

Golden kiwi is six times sweeter than white sugar and because it is a natural sugar, it has very little effect on blood sugar and can be consumed safely. The texture of green kiwi is slightly rougher than that of yellow kiwi, and it tastes like a mixture of sweet and sour, with less fructose than golden kiwi. The taste of fruits depends on the amount of each of their ingredients.

Benefits of Sweet Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

Benefits of Sweet Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy When it comes to processed organic sweet kiwi , the various standards and considerations required to identify a product with this feature should be considered by the manufacturer. Regulations prohibit organic processed different sweet kiwi from having artificial preservatives, dyes or flavorings, and require organic matter with some minor exceptions. In most countries, there are very strict food safety and security guidelines to protect consumers from harmful products. Most countries have their own standards for defining products as organic. These definitions should include the protection of natural resources, the conservation of biodiversity, and the use of approved materials.

In order to label a food as organic, the instructions set by the licensing companies must be followed. Some of these instructions are as follows:

  • Do not use prohibited substances for three years before harvest
  • No use of genetically modified
  • transgenic organisms Raising animals in living conditions to adapt to natural behaviors
  • Nutrition of 100% organic food and no prescription of antibiotics or hormones
  • Leaving artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings of processed foods with some exceptions such as baking soda in cooked products Demand for organic products is growing, as many people believe that organic foods are higher in nutrients, healthier to the environment and livestock, and healthier than regular foods.

Amazing Discount of Sweet Kiwi Fruit

Amazing Discount of Sweet Kiwi Fruit Undoubtedly, selling amazing kiwi in the market of different countries is one of the most important goals pursued in Iran. Therefore, most companies try to sell better by offering kiwi to their foreign customers and export a large amount of it annually. And the increase in kiwifruit exports is done for the same purpose. It should also be noted that many fruit and vegetable exporters to different countries have difficulty in supplying the product for the export of kiwifruit. During certain days of the year, kiwi supply centers in the markets across the country sell their products exceptionally

Buy this product from brokers or intermediaries at a high price, and accordingly buyers Those who intend to distribute this product in fruit and vegetable markets or global markets can easily use the commercial capacity. To get the latest purchase and sale price of this product in the best quality, you can also apply through online agencies. Internet distribution center of different types of this product, has provided services to all parts of the country at high speed in order to satisfy customers.


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