International Exporter of Persian Apple

Our country is one of the largest organic persian apple ، quality gpersian apple producers in the world. Iranian producers send apples to other countries after meeting the needs of domestic markets. All these manufacturers are working hard to provide a quality product to you buyers. This shows that Iranian manufacturers have been able to satisfy foreign customers.

International Exporter of Persian Apple

Are there Persian Apple Fruits in all Seasons?

Are there Persian Apple Fruits in all Seasons? Apple cultivars, even when grown from an underground stem, differ in yield and final tree size. Some cultivars produce very large yields while growing, which makes them very difficult to harvest. Depending on the density of the tree (the number of trees killed per unit area), mature trees typically produce 40 to 200 kg of apples per year. However, in the years of fruit shortage, the yield reaches close to zero. To pick apples, three-step ladders are used that are designed to be fixed between the branches. Cuttings from short underground stems produce 10 to 80 kg per year.

Why do Kids Like Persian Apple More?

Why do Kids Like Persian Apple More? Most people love apples, especially children. Because apples taste very good and have very useful properties for us, especially children. The vitamins in apples are mostly found in the skin of the apple, so those who can digest the skin of the apple are better to taste it with the skin, and if you want to peel it, it is better to peel the apple very thinly. Medicinal properties: 1) Apple is an alkaline fruit and cleanses the body and removes excess water due to its high pectin content. 2) Apples can be used to relieve diarrhea, even for children. For this purpose, apples should be grated and used. Apples can be cooked and for those who have a lazy intestine, cook it on a low heat, but be sure to use glazed or Teflan dishes, because this way, pectin and its vitamins are preserved. 3) Apple syrup is the best medicine for treating cough and hoarseness. To prepare apple syrup, peel a kilo of apple and slice it with the skin and cook it in a liter of water, then strain it with a thin cloth and add a few pieces of sugar to it. Put it back on a low heat until it thickens and remove it from the heat. Drink three to four cups of this syrup a day. 4) Apples are high in calcium and apple calcium helps the body absorb calcium from other foods.

5) Eating apples relieves constipation and is useful for extreme fatigue 6) The leaves of the apple tree are diuretic and treat inflammation of the kidneys and bladder. 7) Drinking apple juice is an effective medicine to treat colds and hoarseness and cough. 8) Apple strengthens the liver and is appetizing. 9) Apples are very useful for treating shortness of breath. Even smelling apples hurts this property 10) Cooked apples strengthen the stomach and liver and eliminate soda and toxins from the body. 11) Apples remove heat from the body.

12) Grate the apple and wrap it in a napkin and put it on the eye. It relieves eye pain. 13) Eating apples is useful even for those who have diabetes because it does not raise blood sugar. 14) Those who want to lose weight must eat apples with skin. 15) Apple blossom is a remedy for cough and swelling of the respiratory tract 16) Apples are a good medicine for wound healing 17) Apples are the best medicine for indigestion because they contain a lot of pectin 18) Apple juice can even be used for purification. This enema is very effective for intestinal diseases.

Major distribution of Persian Apple with stylish packaging

Major distribution of Persian Apple with stylish packaging persian apple packaging :As you know, most stores today have a sales site. Online shopping is a great option for people who do not have enough time to shop in person, or for any reason do not want to shop in person. Our site is one of the largest sites in the field of selling apples and kiwis. People who want to buy can contact the sales consultant and order the product they need to the desired amount.

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