Lebanese Apple Packaging and Distribution Companies

Lebanese apple packaging and distribution companies offers the best types of Lebanese apples in suitable packaging and thus helps buyers to use this excellent packaging and high quality apples to earn more money; the company also distributes first-class Lebanese apples and helps buyers in all parts of Iran to get these apples very easily and cheaply and with the lowest shipping costs.

Lebanese Apple Packaging and Distribution Companies

Types of Lebanese Apples in all over the World

Types of Lebanese Apples in all over the World Lebanese apple is one of the most famous apples in the world, which has excellent characteristics in every way and has a very good taste and aroma. It also has very different varieties, some of which are spread all over the world. Summaries include:

Lebanese yellow or golden apple (Yellow Delicious): Lebanese yellow apple is a sweet and gentle apple with a light yellow skin that is suitable for raw and cooked consumption; this type of apple is the most popular apple in the Iranian apple market, which is offered in the market in yellow, gold or light green, and the yellow apples are very sweet and the flesh is crisp and white, and the taste of yellow apples according to the region in It grows differently.

Lebanese red apple (Red Delicious): This apple is very similar to Lebanese yellow apple and this apple is not as popular as before because of its relatively mixed taste and powdery and hollow texture of this apple; there are more than 50 types of red apples and red apples contain a substance called fluoridine in their skin, which improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women.

Green apple: Lemon green apple with a crisp and juicy texture that has a sour and spicy taste and is suitable for raw consumption and use in apple pie.

The Most Important Points for Choosing the Best Lebanese Apples

The Most Important Points for Choosing the Best Lebanese Apples In choosing best apple especially lebanese apples, several important points should be considered, some of which are very briefly mentioned below:

Check the firmness of the apple: Take an apple fruit and press a small part of it with your finger, a quality apple under your hand is firm or bony, so choose the apple fruit that is significantly below Avoid being soft or discolored or sunken.

Visual examination of the apple: As you check the firmness of the fruit, rotate the apple completely in your hand to check the visual quality because some of the signs on the fruit (such as abrasions or moles) come from nature and indicate quality. Not bad However, apples with bruises or obvious signs of rot do not provide the best experience of eating an apple and should be avoided.

Take a look at the color of apples: Although the color is not the best indicator of recognizing an excellent apple fruit, it can be useful when choosing this fruit, and for red apples, look for a green background that is mostly covered by red or pink-orange full of color, they absorb a lot of sunlight, which leads to excellent flavors.

Smell the apple: Fresh and high quality apples should have a pleasant aroma. This smell is different in different types of apples, for example, red apples have a stronger aroma than other species.

Quality Lebanese Apple Distribution Company

Quality Lebanese Apple Distribution Company The Lebanese quality apple distribution company offers the best types of apples in excellent packaging at very reasonable prices and can meet the needs of customers of this product from all over the country with the lowest possible price; Buyers can get more information about this product through this site, and thus apply for this apple for themselves anywhere in the country, so that this apple can be provided to customers at a low price.

This product has been distributed throughout quality apple company in iran and apples will reach customers in a completely fresh form at a reasonable price and can meet the needs of export of apples well with the minimum price and fully meet their needs.

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