Purchase and price of Iranian golden kiwi types

Iranian golden kiwi, also known as Zespri gold, is a variety of kiwi fruit that is gaining popularity in the global market due to its unique taste, nutritional value, and potential health benefits. This article explores the key features and market potential of Iranian golden kiwi, highlighting its cultivation, nutritional properties, and commercial opportunities. 1. Unique Features and Cultivation: Unlike traditional green kiwi, the Iranian golden kiwi has smooth, hairless skin and a vibrant golden color when ripe. This visually appealing fruit is sweeter and less acidic compared to green kiwi, making it a delectable choice for consumers. Currently, Iran is one of the leading producers of golden kiwi, owing to its favorable climate and fertile soil conditions. The main regions of production in Iran include Mazandaran, Gilan, and Golestan provinces.

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Purchase and price of Iranian golden kiwi types


. 2. Nutritional Value and Health Benefits: Iranian golden kiwi is known for its high nutritional value, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, and potassium. Additionally, it contains dietary fiber, which aids digestion and contributes to a healthy gut. Moreover, the abundance of antioxidants in golden kiwi helps boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and combat oxidative stress. 3. Market Potential: The global demand for exotic fruits is steadily increasing, with consumers seeking healthier alternatives to traditional snacks and desserts. Iranian golden kiwi offers a unique flavor profile, making it an attractive option for health-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts, and gourmet chefs. The fruit’s exotic appearance and flavor make it an excellent addition to salads, smoothies, desserts, and even cocktails.


.. 4. Commercial Opportunities: Iranian golden kiwi presents promising commercial opportunities for farmers, exporters, and distributors in the international market. Given the fruit’s increasing popularity, it has the potential to become a sought-after product in supermarkets, specialty fruit shops, and high-end restaurants. Moreover, the global trend towards healthy eating habits and the growing demand for organic produce further fuels the demand for Iranian golden kiwi. 5. Export Potential: Iranian golden kiwi has gained popularity in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, with exports steadily increasing over the years.

... Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey, Germany, and China are the major importers of Iranian golden kiwi. However, its presence in other markets remains relatively untapped, providing opportunities for expansion and diversification. Conclusion: The Iranian golden kiwi, with its unique taste, nutritional benefits, and visually appealing appearance, has the potential to become a popular superfruit in the global market. The fruit’s increasing demand, coupled with its suitability for various culinary applications, creates favorable conditions for entrepreneurs, farmers, and traders to explore commercial opportunities associated with Iranian golden kiwi. As consumer awareness about its health benefits grows, the future of the Iranian golden kiwi in the international fruit market seems bright.

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