Sell High Quality Fresh Kiwi

Fresh kiwi fruit, known as Chinese gooseberry, is a group of dicotyledonous flowering plants. Kiwi is a plant native to southern China that was brought to Europe in the twentieth century. The plant of this fruit grows ascending and has an oval appearance with fluffy brown skin. Kiwi is the national fruit of China and is currently produced in many countries, including Iran.

 Sell High Quality Fresh Kiwi

What are the Types of Fresh Kiwi in Terms of Color and Size?

What are the Types of Fresh Kiwi in Terms of Color and Size? Natural fresh kiwi has different types that we can mention. Hayward kiwi is one of the most popular varieties of kiwi that has a long life. The height of the tree of this type of kiwi reaches about 9 meters and is placed in the category of plants with a strong structure. The female plant needs a male plant for pollination. Hayward kiwi fruit has a fluffy brown coating that is very sweet when ripe. Harvesting of Hayward kiwi fruit mainly begins in June and July and continues until winter.

Green kiwi can be found in fruit and vegetable stores all year round. In other words, the most available type of kiwi is green kiwi. This fruit has more nutritional benefits than any other fruit and is also rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium. Green kiwi is juicy and sweet, and like other types of kiwi, it has hairy brown skin. You can eat all parts of kiwi, even its skin, because it is rich in minerals and nutrients.

Yellow kiwi or golden kiwi is another popular species of kiwi. This type of kiwi has a sweeter taste than green kiwi and is relatively smaller. The outer skin of the yellow kiwi is thin and has fewer hairs. This fruit is grown in the tropics and is more resistant to cold than other fruits. New Zealand was the first country to cultivate golden kiwi. Currently, Iran is one of the largest producers of this fruit.

Red kiwi, like other types of kiwi, originally belonged to China. The inside of this type of kiwi is red and has a sweet and soft taste. This type of kiwi is smaller than other kiwi species and has a very thin skin. Red kiwi is high in fiber and high in protein. The significant difference between red kiwi and yellow and green kiwi is in the amount of calories in it. This kiwi has much less calories than other types of kiwi.

Benefits of Fresh Kiwi for the Human Body

       Benefits of Fresh Kiwi for the Human Body Benefits of fresh Kiwi are so different. Kiwi is rich in antioxidants that inhibit free radicals that stop the regeneration process, and as we have often said in the discussion of skin and hair health in moisturizing, it contains the signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots and lines. Delays. It is one of the fruits that diabetics can eat without worrying about their health, and this is due to its high fiber and fructose content. Kiwi glycemic index is extremely low, which prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, kiwi contains inositol, an enzyme that helps control blood sugar levels.

Fruits like kiwi, which are rich in vitamins C and E, can help fight hair loss and maintain healthy hair.Kiwi is rich in these two essential vitamins. This tropical fruit contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc and phosphorus that stimulate blood circulation and, as a result, accelerate hair growth. In addition to being rich in iron, it is a necessary nutrient to enhance hair healt.

Buying Industrial Good Fresh Kiwi

 Buying Industrial Good Fresh Kiwi You can easily buy kiwi from all fruit and vegetable stores. You can order this fruit in person or even in person in different packages and benefit from its unique properties. This collection is one of the first-class kiwi sellers. It is possible to buying kiwi from this collection at a very reasonable price and excellent quality.

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