The Wholesale Price of Natural Apple in the Fruit Sector

At present, the supply of natural apples in the fruit sector is done by the distribution and sales centers of this product with excellent and super qualities to the domestic and foreign markets, which has a very fair price. Also, today, all kinds of delicious apples benefit from a very good marketability and sales boom, which is increasing the variety of this product and its quality every day, because this feature has made them famous and special. The wholesale price of apples is more appropriate compared to its partial price, which is why the big traders supply this product mainly from us.

The Wholesale Price of Natural Apple in the Fruit Sector

Guide to the Specifications of the Best Natural Apple

Guide to the Specifications of the Best Natural Apple First, you should get acquainted with the best natural apple in order to mention the characteristics of its high quality and excellent type. As you can see, Iran has a quality apple crop due to its excellent weather conditions and fertile lands, which has increased the quality of this fruit. It is necessary to point out these very valuable points for the benefit and quality of apples, the quality of which can be deduced from the appearance of the fruit and its taste. The following are the specifications of the best type of apple:

  • Smooth and clear skin: One of the characteristics of a good apple is its healthy skin. The skin of this fruit should be smooth. It should also be clear and transparent and there should be no stains on it.
  • Apple weight: Weight is one of the most important factors in examining the health of an apple. If an apple weighs more than its size, it has a higher quality. Therefore, you can also use this item to check the quality of apple trees.
  • Apple perfume: The aroma of apples is one of the symptoms of apple health that should be good and convey a sense of freshness. Of course, it is different for different species, which is well recognized by experts in this field.

Classification of Different Types of Natural Apple Based on Color

Classification of Different Types of Natural Apple Based on Color As you know, there are different types of apples. In terms of color, green apple, yellow, red and in terms of product, two common types are more common in Iran: “Rose apple” with its unique aroma and “Shemirani apple” with oily skin and different taste Which is specific to mountainous areas. These apples are not much different from each other in terms of nutritional value, but in terms of therapeutic properties, they are ahead of each other in several cases. The following is a classification of different natural apples in terms of color:

Yellow apple: This type of apple is sweet and has a permanent place in the fruit basket of parties. But this type of apple can not be stored for a long time and should be consumed quickly. Yellow apples are used in salads, apple pies, jams and sweets.

Red apple: The inside of these apples is creamy in color and usually has a puffy texture. Apples are red, juicy and soft. It is better to eat these apples raw than to use them in salads or cakes.

green apple: This type of apple is a favorite of people who like sour fruits and smoothies. Eating green apples helps to lose weight and stabilize blood sugar.

The Best Type of Natural Apple for Sale in the Fruit Market

The Best Type of Natural Apple for Sale in the Fruit Market If you are also looking for first-class natural apples in the fruit market, we suggest you buy directly from the producer. Most apple trees are bought in bulk and directly because they are much cheaper and more affordable. Domestic buyers and foreign traders to enjoy these benefits do it directly and by eliminating intermediaries to benefit from more purchases at lower prices.

It should be noted that producers and distributors of this fruit, both to meet the needs of domestic markets and its export to the applicant countries have tried to consider special criteria for the supply of quality products, including variety in the package. Sorting, sorting and separating the product in different sizes and qualities according to the customers’ orders, etc., all of these factors cause their sense of trust and satisfaction, as well as increase the amount of purchase, which ultimately benefits everyone from the manufacturer to the consumer.

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